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Local Groups

Local groups such as Western Pa. Mensa provide opportunities to meet and interact with others in your area.

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Special Interest Groups, known as SIG’s, can connect you with people who share your hobbies, passions, or enthusiasms.

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Gifted Youth

Have a gifted child? Mensa has a full time Gifted Youth Specialist who supports Young Mensan Services and Resources.

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The Service of Information, Guidance, and Hospitality to Travelers is an international service available to members.

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Coffee Klatch


Caffeine and conversation! Are you up for it? Come and check out the coffee klatch groups!



An eclectic group of people meet at local restaurants and engage in conversations with topics as diverse as the people themselves. Come and join in, there’s always room for one more!

Game Night

dont jus stand

Monthly hosted game nights spotlighting various games provide competitive challenges as well as social interaction. Don’t just stand there…come and get your game on!



Have some time? Volunteering is a great way to meet new people within the organization as well as it is rewarding.

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National Mensa

Winners abound at Mind Games 2015

Gifted Youth

Mensa offers unmatched benefits for gifted youth!

AG 2015 - Unbridled Spirit

Unbridled images: Looking back at AG 2015.

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Benefits and Services

For benefit and service recommendations or to become one of the special benefits and services available to American Mensa members, please contact our Membership Department at membership director @ (remove spaces from address before emailing).

Mensa Bulletin

The Mensa Bulletin is the national magazine for members of American Mensa, published 10 times a year with combined issues in April/May and November/December. Your membership dues payment includes a subscription to the Bulletin.

Culture Quest

While CultureQuest might be considered a trivia game or competition, its intent has always been to promote and test cultural literacy. Facing questions that range from film to politics, from literature to geography, from music to history and farther afield, Mensan teams of up to five members gather in their neighborhoods on a single day across the U.S. and Canada and, for 90 minutes, compete for cash prizes and cultural literacy bragging rights.

Mind Games

Founded in 1990, American Mensa's Mind Games has become one of the most respected national games competitions. For the first seven years, the event was held in New York. In 1996, Mind Games began moving around the country to allow more Mensa members the opportunity to participate.